Roundup patches

Matholymp comes with some patches to Roundup that have been found useful when using the matholymp’s online registration functionality based on Roundup. It may be useful to apply these patches to the Roundup sources before installing Roundup. All these patches can be applied with patch -p1 -N -E from within the Roundup source directory.

These are located in the roundup-patches/ directory of the source distribution, and are relative to Roundup version 2.0.0 (so may require changes to apply cleanly to later versions). Details of the individual patches are:

  • issue2550750-no-timeout-mail.patch is a patch for Roundup issue 2550750 that avoids socket timeouts (when large images are served through Roundup, for example) generating emails to the person running the registration system.
  • increase-socket-timeout.patch is a patch that increases the socket timeout to reduce the number of such timeouts (there may however not be a great need for this when the previous patch is applied).