Contributing to matholymp

Although matholymp is intended to be configurable for the most common requirements of mathematical olympiads, it is likely you will find some features missing that would be useful for your event; I have a long list of possible future enhancements (and welcome suggestions for such features if you don’t plan to implement them yourself); see Matholymp todo list. If you do implement new features for matholymp, please try to contribute them back to me (even if only useful for some events, it is likely your own event is not the only one that could use a particular feature).

If you wish to contribute changes to matholymp, you should be working with the current Git version. You can then send me diffs generated with git diff or git format-patch, either using git send-email or with your normal email client (if sending with your normal email client, patches should be attached, unless you are sure your email client does not change whitespace, including UTF-8 BOMs, when including something inline). You can also send Git pull requests if you prefer.

Please keep patches following the existing coding style (which generally tries to follow PEP 8). The code is designed so that configuration for a particular event can be done in configuration files and HTML and LaTeX templates, so if a feature is only appropriate for some events please ensure it is appropriately configurable rather than always enabled. If the new features affect parts of the code covered by the automated testsuite (which can be run with mo-run-tests), please update existing test expectations if needed, and add new tests if not adequately covered by the existing tests.