bsd-games (inactive since 2005, others may have newer versions)

I have not been actively maintaining bsd-games since 2005. Other people may have newer versions of the code, and those I know of are linked to from here; please let me know if you have another version you'd like listed.

In 1996/7 I had some bugfixes to the bsd-games collection for GNU/Linux, and wanted to do something useful with them. Since this collection had been essentially unmaintained since 1993, I ended up receiving maintainership from the previous maintainer. The current version is 2.17 released 2005 February 18: bsd-games-2.17.tar.gz (MD5 sum 238a38a3a017ca9b216fc42bde405639) and bsd-games-non-free-2.17.tar.gz (MD5 sum f70b5fe38c3dd82b44024263819621f9), available from Binary packages are available in Debian and maybe other distributions whose maintainers for the package haven’t contacted me. Note that this collection is for GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd only although parts may be more generally portable.

The version control history of bsd-games is available on GitHub; there may be some peculiarities arising from the sequence of past conversions (tarballs to CVS to SVN to git) although I tried to clean most of those up in the conversion to git (some small corrections were made early 2015-01-19 (UTC) and force-pushed, so if you fetched before then you should refetch). The master branch has the main history. The netbsd branch has an import of the last version of NetBSD CVS merged from (successive snapshots merged from were not version controlled at the time, so previous merges do not have specific information about the version merged from). NetBSD files were from src/games except for wtf/acronyms and wtf/acronyms.comp (from src/share/misc) and dm/utmpentry.c and dm/utmpentry.h (from src/usr.bin/who). The legacy-scripts branch contains some miscellaneous scripts that were used in development, for information for anyone maintaining a version of this code. I may be able to provide people maintaining versions of this code with various unprocessed bug reports, although since most bug reports came in via Debian a sensible starting point, apart from merging in the past ten years’ changes from NetBSD, would be to go through Debian bug reports (both open and closed) and patches to identify relevant changes.

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